Working with the Media

Working with the Media, Part 2: Just Say No to Brain Freeze

Our phone rings /vibrates when a client or prospect either wants to make news or learns he or she is about to become news. With our staff of former reporters and government press secretaries, we are familiar with both scenarios and had success navigating clients through each one.

In this blog we will cover preparing for the “gotcha” or reactive moment.

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100 Percent Discount

How Low Should You Go? Can Deep Discounts Sink Your Ship?

The cruise line industry seems to be keeping the US Postal Service afloat these days based on the sheer volume of direct mailers that have shown up at my home and office.

Frankly, the offers are amazing.

It seems a person can cruise the rivers of Europe, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or pick your own body of water, for about the cost of a few nice dinners at an upscale restaurant (with wine).  OK, very upscale.

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