Kentucky Career Center

Clarity of Purpose

The last thing you want when you’re out of work is more confusion. With income on hold and bills piling up, you need clarity and focus to get back on track.

That’s the philosophy that guided us as we helped the Kentucky Education & Workforce Development Cabinet rebrand the state’s workforce development system. What’s now known as the Kentucky Career Center brings together several different state agencies, perhaps most notably the one most people refer to as “the unemployment office,” but now with a sharper focus on employment, rather than unemployment.

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Udderly Kentucky

Udder Excitement Over a New Brand

One of the most rewarding and fun projects we’ve worked on recently is creating a new brand of milk. That’s right – milk. What makes this brand different?

Until now, when you bought milk in a Kentucky supermarket, you didn’t know what farms it came from, and you might not know where it was processed. There’s a chance that it was produced on a Kentucky dairy farm, and there’s a chance it was processed in Kentucky. However, most likely it traveled hundreds of miles through other states before it made its way to your supermarket.

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Uncork the Magic of Kentucky Wineries with New App

Home to the first commercial vineyard in the United States and once producer of more than half the nation’s grape and wine output, Kentucky is now reclaiming its proud heritage and rebuilding a wine industry ready to take its place among the world’s best.

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