Baby Boomers and Technology

Millennials are frequently featured in news headlines and seem to be the target of many marketing campaigns. While this group—defined by birth years between the early 1980s and early 2000s—is an interesting group to study, advertisers cannot lose sight of another important group—Baby Boomers. These Boomers, born in the roughly 20 year period following World War II, make up 28% of the population and are vitally important to our economy. Currently, Baby Boomers annual spending is $2.3 trillion and 70% of this is discretionary income. Advertisers would do well to acknowledge that baby boomers are tech savvy and curious by nature. Advertisers can take advantage of this by targeting Baby Boomers through not only traditional media but also through various digital platforms.

  1. Facebook: Facebook is the new fad for Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers use Facebook to communicate to their friends and family – an easy avenue for ad targeting.
  2. Pre-purchasing: A large percentage of baby boomers—an estimated 93% –research their potential purchases on the Internet before buying at the store. Since Baby Boomers are already online, advertisers can use this avenue to secure a purchase by making the buying process easy and secure. Also, 91% of Baby Boomers product purchases are triggered by traditional advertising, TV or broadcast media.
  3. Mobile text: Baby Boomers are far less inclined to download and use apps like younger generations. By sending texts to them in short and easy to understand messages, advertisers are able to deliver their promotions. Plus, texting campaigns have become more and more common in recent years.
Text Messaging Campaign

Text Messaging Campaign

Baby Boomers love technology. Although they are usually not early adopters, they are, in some cases, surpassing younger generations in the use of technology; one of the many reasons advertisers should continue to target them.

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