2014 has been referred to by several media outlets as “the year of the #hashtag.” The hashtag originated through Twitter, but its use has expanded to include multiple social media platforms. Since its introduction, the hashtag has become an instrumental piece for social activism movements that may have otherwise been lost in all the clutter [...]


Why is graphic design so important? I asked myself that same question while sitting in my office. I thought about it for nearly ten minutes and I had the bright idea of asking every employee at New West. Here’s what a few of them said:

Proactively developing a public relations strategy for your organization can pay dividends in building the right relationships over time. Good PR practices are not developed as “quick fixes” but rather to create long-term benefits to support your brand and complement your marketing plans. Here are a few questions to consider when crafting a strategy.


Happy Holidays from New West


Clarity of purpose The last thing you want when you’re out of work is more confusion. With income on hold and bills piling up, you need clarity and focus to get back on track. That’s the philosophy that guided us as we helped the Kentucky Education & Workforce Development Cabinet rebrand the state’s workforce development [...]


Udder excitement over a new brand One of the most rewarding and fun projects we’ve worked on recently is creating a new brand of milk. That’s right – milk. What makes this brand different? Until now, when you bought milk in a Kentucky supermarket, you didn’t know what farms it came from, and you might not know where [...]


Uncork the magic of Kentucky wineries with new app Home to the first commercial vineyard in the United States and once producer of more than half the nation’s grape and wine output, Kentucky is now reclaiming its proud heritage and rebuilding a wine industry ready to take its place among the world’s best. Today we’re [...]


Behind the scenes at the GOEHI shoot New West is currently in production of a spot for the Governor’s Office of Electronic Health Information, part of a coordinated push with the Kentucky Health Information Exchange. Knowing Kentucky’s love of basketball, we’ve created our own team and coach to deliver the message “know your stats!”  


Using cute, soft, fuzzy kittens to move product LOLcats. More cowbell. The Old Spice guy. Double rainbow. They’ve all been huge hits on the Internet over the past few years. But just because folks find an Internet link worth sharing doesn’t necessarily mean the content has enduring value. If you’re like me, you laughed out [...]


Behind the scenes at Kentucky Wine shoot Here are some shots from a commercial shoot we did this week about a new Kentucky Wine app that’s nearing completion. Keep your eyes open for the new spot. We’ll let you know when the app is ready. And if you’re wondering about the gnomes, don’t worry: It’ll [...]

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