Capitol Education Center Ribbon Cutting

When you visit the new Capitol Education Center in Frankfort, you’ll see some of New West’s most recent- and most visible – work. This new education and visitor center next door to the Governor’s Mansion, is now officially open and will host more than 60,000 people each year.

New West, along with partner AD-EX International, designed and implemented the design and look of the interactive displays in the center. The colorful, yet educational interactive displays, use bold designs, tinged with a bit of history to showcase Kentucky’s past, as well as the Commonwealth’s use of modern, energy efficient techniques for the future.

First Lady Jane Beshear was an active decision-maker in the layout and design of the displays, and New West’s Maria Ladd and Philip Booth worked long hours to get the size, color and designs implemented into a cohesive package. In addition, our partner AD-EX International turned the concepts into a workable package that will serve the center for a long time.

Special thanks go to the Kentucky Environmental Education Council, Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, the Kentucky Executive Mansions Foundation and many generous donors for making this privately-funded project possible.

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