Brand Development


The Millennial Age

Advertising to Millennials, the generation born between 1980s and early 2000, is not the same as advertising to Baby Boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1964. According to recent studies, Millennials seek out brands that support and align with their values. In addition, Millennials also want to create a personal connection with the brand. Nike, for example, is known around the globe; and its message, “Just Do It,” is universal, making the brand relatable to everyone. So, it’s natural to see so many Millennials drawn to Nike’s products.

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Preferred Popcorn at Kroger Press Conference

Kroger KY Proud Popcorn Press Conference

Dozens of Kentucky family farms and small business will benefit from a historic partnership between Kentucky Proud and Kroger according to Agriculture Commissioner James Comer.  During press conferences at Kroger locations in Lexington and Louisville, Comer noted the significance of the relationship, “Kroger will sell 125 products from 34 Kentucky Proud producers in 88 stores throughout Kentucky.”  The initial purchase filled a 10,000-square-foot warehouse and totaled $350,000, a record for a single transaction in the history of Kentucky Proud.  Comer also used the occasion to introduce Kentucky Proud popcorn, a premium product made from corn grown by western Kentucky farm families, and process by Preferred Popcorn

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Udderly Kentucky

Udder Excitement Over a New Brand

One of the most rewarding and fun projects we’ve worked on recently is creating a new brand of milk. That’s right – milk. What makes this brand different?

Until now, when you bought milk in a Kentucky supermarket, you didn’t know what farms it came from, and you might not know where it was processed. There’s a chance that it was produced on a Kentucky dairy farm, and there’s a chance it was processed in Kentucky. However, most likely it traveled hundreds of miles through other states before it made its way to your supermarket.

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Using Cute, Soft, Fuzzy Kittens to Move Product

LOLcats. More cowbell. The Old Spice guy. Double rainbow. They’ve all been huge hits on the Internet over the past few years. But just because folks find an Internet link worth sharing doesn’t necessarily mean the content has enduring value.

If you’re like me, you laughed out loud at the video of a talking dog that likes bacon and sent it on to a friend. I know at least some of you did, because more than 140 million people have watched it. Still, I probably don’t need to tell you that number is dwarfed by Psy’s ridiculously catchy (annoying?) “Gangnam Style” video, with over 1.6billion views.

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Another Lesson from Downton Abbey

Like millions of others, I didn’t get to visit Downton Abbey this week.   I was a bit lost Sunday evening.  Sure, the Motion Picture Academy offered some alternate programming, but it just didn’t fill the void.   So I channel surfed and ultimately dozed off unfulfilled.

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Amid the Fog

Standing Out Amid the Fog

Whether it’s from print, mail, broadcast, online and mobile sources, the competition for your customer’s attention seems to grow more intense every year. It’s as if consumers are driving through a thick blanket of fog, and you’re trying to make sure the view of your business isn’t lost in the haze.

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