Public Relations

How Low Should You Go? Can Deep Discounts Sink Your Ship?

The cruise line industry seems to be keeping the US Postal Service afloat these days based on the sheer volume of direct mailers that have shown up at my home and office.

Frankly, the offers are amazing.

It seems a person can cruise the rivers of Europe, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or pick your own body of water, for about the cost of a few nice dinners at an upscale restaurant (with wine).  OK, very upscale.

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Messing with a Legend

It took 60 years for Maker’s Mark to create and burnish its image as a premium bourbon brand, and all of one day to put that reputation on the rocks.

By now I’m sure you have heard the controversy: One of Kentucky’s most beloved bourbons was facing a shortage. There simply was not enough product to go around. To many brands, this is the holy grail of business models. After all, as demand outstrips supply, your cachet rises, along with your cash.

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Capitol Education Center Ribbon Cutting

When you visit the new Capitol Education Center in Frankfort, you’ll see some of New West’s most recent- and most visible – work. This new education and visitor center next door to the Governor’s Mansion, is now officially open and will host more than 60,000 people each year.

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Amid the Fog

Standing Out Amid the Fog

Whether it’s from print, mail, broadcast, online and mobile sources, the competition for your customer’s attention seems to grow more intense every year. It’s as if consumers are driving through a thick blanket of fog, and you’re trying to make sure the view of your business isn’t lost in the haze.

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