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Crafting A Public Relations Strategy

Proactively developing a public relations strategy for your organization can pay dividends in building the right relationships over time. Good PR practices are not developed as “quick fixes” but rather to create long-term benefits to support your brand and complement your marketing plans. Here are a few questions to consider when crafting a strategy:

  1.  What are my organization’s marketing and communications goals? Is it to build and protect a reputation? Is it to educate or inform consumers about an issue? Or, is it to increase awareness about a new product or service?
  2. What audiences are most important for us to engage? If you know whom you want to reach, then you can develop targeted ways to reach them.
  3. In what ways can I reach this audience? What social channels do they use? What events do they frequent? What are their media habits?  To what groups do they belong? Once you determine these answers, you can devise a strategy that incorporates the right tools (e.g., social media, community events, various news outlets)
  4. Are there mutually beneficial partnerships that could be created? Is there an organization that needs my product or service to better support their customers? Is there a group whose client base is the same demographic my organization is trying to reach? Or, can we create better results by combining resources with another company? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, chances are your organization could benefit from a strategic partnership.

Need help developing a public relations strategy for your organization? If so, contact New West at (502) 891-2500.

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