General Electric Washer Event

The GE product launch event was held in Louisville, Kentucky in the manufacturing plant where the product is being produced.  The product launch included factory line tours, product unveil, and remarks for city, state and company officials.  To highlight key features of the product such as the industry’s largest openings and the first Built-in Riser to minimize strenuous bends and long reaches- New West worked with the GE Communications team in developing the “ Fastest Two Minutes in Laundry” to mimic the iconic Kentucky Derby “ The Most exciting two minutes in Sports”.

GE Appliances CEO, State Congressman, Lt Governor and Mayor formed teams with key employees to compete in a contest to see how many out of the 25 towels, which is how many the new FL unit will hold, they can fold in two minutes. Audience participation was encouraged by cheering your team based on color matched hand towels that were on each seat to coordinate with the stage- prizes were awarded to the winning team and matching audience section. New West planned, coordinated and executed the logistics, production and graphics for the event.

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