Competitive pressures and a lack of understanding among audiences about the services and structure of the Alliance of Community Hospices and Palliative Care Services led the organization’s leadership to New West for rebranding.

Critical to challenge was the need to leverage the thirty plus years of goodwill established by key entities within the organization – The Hospice of Louisville, Hospice of Central Kentucky and Hospice of Southern Indiana as well as additional product and service lines.

New West first conducted a 360-degree analysis of the organization and the marketplace and then developed a new position, making it clear that audiences can access the organization sooner than traditionally understood. Following this, our creative group developed a single brand identity for all the organizations business and service components and created new advertising and marketing collateral to launch the brand.

Within the first year of the rebranding effort, referrals and admissions were up 33% and for the first time ever, patients and families began accessing the organization via the website with an approximately 50% conversion rate. Additionally, physicians began writing orders for “Hosparus” rather than generic “hospice” service.

Recent Work