State of Kentucky Branding

After a heated competition, New West was chosen to develop a first-of-its-kind brand to unite all communications from Kentucky state government. From tourism to economic development, from traffic safety to family services, the goal of the effort was to create synergistic messages that enhanced the image of the state as a whole. New West conducted the most extensive research effort in state history, gaining input from business and consumer sources from around the country. Logos and positioning statements were tested throughout the region. And using a novel twist on popular television culture, the brand was selected in a “Survivor” style vote off that engaged the public in a contest between four competing brands until the people of Kentucky selected an ultimate winner. The Unbridled Spirit brand has proven to be one of the most successful state efforts in recent history. Study after study has shown continual increases in the state’s image. Kentuckians have adopted the brand as their own and use it in a wide variety of unexpected ways as a statement of pride.

Recent Work