Amid the Fog

Standing Out Amid the Fog

Whether it’s from print, mail, broadcast, online and mobile sources, the competition for your customer’s attention seems to grow more intense every year. It’s as if consumers are driving through a thick blanket of fog, and you’re trying to make sure the view of your business isn’t lost in the haze.

In our office we talk a lot about the importance of keeping a clear focus despite technological advances. Because no matter how much the medium changes, the goal is still about making those individual connections with people. You still have to tell a story, touch your customers’ emotions or at least be seen as relevant before you can begin to sell them something.

One of the steps we often take with new clients is a “communications audit,” in which we review all the current methods by which your messages are being conveyed. Then we discuss your objectives and determine whether those methods are getting the job done. If not, we draft a new strategy that shows you in the best possible light – despite the fog.

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