What Businesses Can Learn from March Madness

The year is flying by here at New West! First, there was the Super Bowl, and now we’re headed into March Madness! Both the Super Bowl and March Madness create a lot of buzz this time of year; but how is this buzz created? Well, since the Super Bowl has come and gone, let’s talk March Madness!

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Customer Appreciation

Customer Appreciation: A Powerful Thing

Customers are often referred to as an investment that keeps any business foundation strong. Often times we forget how important customers are and how crucial it is for business to show appreciation towards them. The style of appreciation does not need to be costly; on the contrary, it should be a gift that resonates with your particular audience; remember, this is not about you, it’s about your customer.

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Business Woman Giving Presentation

Crafting A Public Relations Strategy

Proactively developing a public relations strategy for your organization can pay dividends in building the right relationships over time. Good PR practices are not developed as “quick fixes” but rather to create long-term benefits to support your brand and complement your marketing plans. Here are a few questions to consider when crafting a strategy:

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Restaurant Dishes Up Meltdown Deluxe


The very public and unintentionally hilarious social-media meltdown of the Arizona restaurant known as Amy’s Baking Co. has taken another strange turn.

The beleaguered husband-and-wife restaurateurs, Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, have now hired a PR firm to represent them. It didn’t take long for Rose+Moser+Allyn’s Jason Rose to take to Twitter in an attempt to turn the tables, firing off tweets declaring “2 sides to every story” and noting that a planned May 21 “grand re-opening” is already sold out.

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