User Interface

Why User Interface Is More Important Than Content For New Companies

Have you ever looked at a person and your first thought was, “I wonder if they are a great conversationalist?” My guess is no. Rarely do we ever see a visual and immediately assess the worth of its content. We will assume, (albeit however dangerous) that you have a viable business concept. I will also assume that once your company is up, that you will want a website and/or native app so that people can find you. The point of these items is to create something that will be visually enticing. For a new company, your messaging will change. However, no one will see your new content if you haven’t first captured their eye.

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Kentucky Career Center

Clarity of Purpose

The last thing you want when you’re out of work is more confusion. With income on hold and bills piling up, you need clarity and focus to get back on track.

That’s the philosophy that guided us as we helped the Kentucky Education & Workforce Development Cabinet rebrand the state’s workforce development system. What’s now known as the Kentucky Career Center brings together several different state agencies, perhaps most notably the one most people refer to as “the unemployment office,” but now with a sharper focus on employment, rather than unemployment.

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