Kentucky Career Center

Clarity of Purpose

The last thing you want when you’re out of work is more confusion. With income on hold and bills piling up, you need clarity and focus to get back on track.

That’s the philosophy that guided us as we helped the Kentucky Education & Workforce Development Cabinet rebrand the state’s workforce development system. What’s now known as the Kentucky Career Center brings together several different state agencies, perhaps most notably the one most people refer to as “the unemployment office,” but now with a sharper focus on employment, rather than unemployment.

The project was born in 2009, when Governor Steve Beshear directed the Kentucky Workforce Investment Board to develop a plan to make the workforce system more globally competitive.

Long story short, all those “Office of This” and “Division of That” nameplates have been put aside in favor of “Kentucky Career Center” signage, so that someone walking in the door for the first time doesn’t have to try to figure out who’s who and what’s what. This new customer-centered mindset has spilled over to the staff as well, better equipped than ever to help individuals, including those with disabilities, to find rewarding careers. There’s also renewed emphasis on assisting employers looking to hire.

One of the biggest tasks involved the Kentucky Career Center’s new website. The challenge was to convert a dated, bureaucratic site that contained more than 60 links on its homepage to one that was cleaner and easier to follow. The site also features a new job-matching database serving both job-seekers and employers.  To make doubly sure that visitors knew how to use the site, we produced new videos to explain its features.


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