Udderly Kentucky

Udder Excitement Over a New Brand

One of the most rewarding and fun projects we’ve worked on recently is creating a new brand of milk. That’s right – milk. What makes this brand different?

Until now, when you bought milk in a Kentucky supermarket, you didn’t know what farms it came from, and you might not know where it was processed. There’s a chance that it was produced on a Kentucky dairy farm, and there’s a chance it was processed in Kentucky. However, most likely it traveled hundreds of miles through other states before it made its way to your supermarket.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture wanted to change that. It had reached an agreement to create a new brand of milk that’s produced solely by Kentucky dairy farm families and processed by a Kentucky processor – Prairie Farms Dairy of Somerset.  The best part – participating Kentucky dairy farmers would receive an addition seven cents for every gallon sold. That could add thousands of dollars to a dairy farmer’s income. Walmart was the first retailer on board with the project and agreed to stock this new brand of milk in 32 stores in Central and South Central Kentucky.

New West was charged with creating a name, logo and marketing approach. Thus “Udderly Kentucky” milk was created. The new brand was unveiled recently by Agriculture Commissioner James Comer and includes profiles of some of the farmers responsible for providing this milk.

Early sales reports have been encouraging. While Udderly Kentucky milk is not yet available in the Louisville area, expectations are high that this will soon become a brand available throughout Kentucky. Since the number of dairy farms in Kentucky has been on a steady decline (now under 800), Udderly Kentucky milk could help provide strength and stability to the Kentucky dairy industry.

Thanks to Commissioner Comer, Kristen Branscum, Roger Snell, Eunice Schlappi and others in the Kentucky Department of Agriculture for this opportunity. Special thanks to our own Phil Booth for his creative genius with the logo and marketing materials, and Andrea Brady for her work interviewing and writing materials about the farmers who are involved in this program.

And one more thing. Udderly Kentucky milk is… utterly delicious.  Yes, I said it.

For more information on Udderly Kentucky, check out its website, www.UdderlyKentucky.com.

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