Uncork the Magic of Kentucky Wineries with New App

Home to the first commercial vineyard in the United States and once producer of more than half the nation’s grape and wine output, Kentucky is now reclaiming its proud heritage and rebuilding a wine industry ready to take its place among the world’s best.

Today we’re delighted to announce a new mobile app that will take traveling aficionados right to the good stuff!

New West worked closely with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and the Kentucky Grape & Wine Council in developing the Kentucky Wine Trails App, which is designed to help you locate – and visit – the state’s wineries. The free application is available through iTunes and the Google Play Store for Android.

The Kentucky Wine Trails app is your guide to navigating the Commonwealth’s wine country. Explore Kentucky’s wineries by name or location, chart trips with interactive maps and fill up the app’s virtual Passport to complete your own personal wine trail. Each winery will give you a code that’s good for a stamp to go in your Passport. Visit seven wineries within a year, and you’ll receive a free Kentucky Wine gift, such as a t-shirt or wine glass.

The app has a regional map so if you don’t want to travel all over the state, it’s easy to stay close to home and still visit enough wineries to nab a gift. From the app you can easily jump off to individual wineries’ websites. There’s also a geo-locator function that helps you find the wineries.


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